Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FDI in Retail Sector

The way things have turned out on 27-Nov-2012, it seems that the ruling UPA government may finally get the numbers it requires to see its decision on FDI in Retail go through.

One of the allies of the UPA government party, the DMK has announced said that although it does not endorse the idea of FDI in retail it will vote with the government if the need so arises on this issue.

This announcement has changed the entire mood on the issue. A hot issue that seemed to be ready to embarrass the government has suddenly fizzled out. Following the DMK's announcement even the government has conceded to allow discussion in parliament under section 184, which allows for voting.

The stock markets also read positively into this development and stocks related to the retail sector jumped impressively.

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James said...

Everyone in the retail sector was anxious to see how business would be the days following Thanksgiving. It was a pleasant surprise to see more people buying and reflects well on the economy.